How It All Started

Adorned With Delight
It all started in the year of 2017. Well, actually before then but will get to that later. Our Founder Madalyn Dobbs had an idea to start an online store but not just any online store. She wanted to sell meaningful products with a meaningful message.
Ever since Madalyn was a pre-teen she wanted to start something. She wasn’t sure what it was yet but she knew she wanted to do it. Some say that she had been born with the entrepreneurial mindset thanks to her family history of business starters and go-getters. She had big dreams but didn’t know whether or not they would unfold.
As Madalyn got older she began to really ponder the idea of doing the thing she had always thought of doing. She had many ideas at the time for what it could be but none had stuck out to her just yet. At this time, she had already dipped her toes in the water with the launch of her blog “My life as Madalyn” and a few side projects that she had been working on. She just didn’t know what the Lord had planned for her and she wanted to make the right decision.
One day she saw another influencer talking about their online store that they had started and a lightbulb went off in Madalyn’s head. She began praying about it and staying up in the late hours of the night to do some research on it. When she felt that she had acquired enough knowledge to at least get started on it, it all seemed to be falling into place which was seen as the go-ahead from Him.
She stayed up late many nights and continued praying to make sure that she was making the right decision. She continued working on the steps to get it launched and it gradually began to come together. There were times where it seemed like a mistake and times where she felt like giving up but she continued working on it over time. There were a few months where work had been postponed and a few months where the idea was just sitting in the back of her head but, as work had continued, the finish line was coming into view.
She had filed all the paperwork, her website was live, products had arrived, and all she had to do was set a date for it to go live. May 19, 2018, Adorned With Delight launched and we were officially open for business. The journey was only just beginning.
With this brand, Madalyn wanted to use it to point others to Him and wanted the roots of the business to be rooted in His truths. She wanted to offer products that have meaning and products that would be good gifts for others. She wanted her customers to be Adorned With Delight whenever they use our products.
Now here we are only a couple days into going live and, not everything has been perfect, but things are going well. We continue to pray about this brand and hope that He is always kept at the focus of the business’ beliefs.
We are excited to see where this business goes and hope that you will become a part of this journey with us. Only He knows where we will be in the future but we are excited to see where He takes us.
Adorned With Delight

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